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We provide pesticide-free American and Asian fruits and vegetables fresh from our farm in Rowland Heights to the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities. We also have weekly Farmers Markets in Rowland Heights, offer farm tours, field trips, and volunteer opportunities.

Pre-order your produce for pick up Monday-Friday 12-6pm
Visit our Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm or Sundays from 1pm-6pm!

『健康就是要吃好菜』!我們提供優質多樣化的產品, 生產的有機蔬果全程採用有機栽種法,完全不使用農藥及化肥!!! 首次開放,歡迎參觀比較!!!



Fresh Cucumber Recipes!

客人又貢獻自家拿手好菜 ,搭配新鮮小黃瓜所做成的兩道夏日開胃菜!現在趕快來看看!

時菜小黃瓜, 一瓜兩吃:涼拌土雞胸肉(調味料:少許鹽 糖 芝麻油 白胡椒 蒜末)
清炒蝦仁(將蝦洗淨擦乾加點米酒及鹽; 熱鍋加油及薑末 先炒蝦仁
(約6分熟再加黃瓜拌炒一下 加點鹽及白胡椒即可)

Once again, our customer contribute her own special dishes, made with fresh cucumber two summer appetizers! Let’s take a look!

Fresh cucumber, two ways to eat it:
1. Eat it with shredded chicken breast (seasoning: a little sesame oil, white pepper, garlic salt, and sugar)
2. Eat it with stir fried shrimp (shrimp wash dry add a little rice wine and salt; fried shrimp meat with ginger (wait till the shrimp is almost cook, then add the cucumber stir with little salt and white pepper)
cucumber dishes


Door-to-Door Delivery!

Great News!! For people who live in Chino, Chino Hills, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Arcadia and Temple City. We would like to bring the organic fresh vegetables to you. For the order over $20, we will delivery to your door. The delivery day is Fridays. Welcome group orders!!
Delivery time for Alhambra, San Garble, Arcadia and Temple City is around 1pm – 4pm.
Delivery time for Chino Hills and Chino is around 4:30pm to 5:30pm.
Please send your order by 5:30pm every Thursdays .
Any question, please call or send message to us. Thank you!

好消息!! 假如你是住在: Chino, Chino Hills, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Arcadia and Temple City 以上這些城市,只要有購買$20元以上, 我們每星期五提供宅配到府機新鮮蔬菜。歡迎團體訂購!
Alhambra, San Gabriel, Arcadia and Temple City 宅配時間在1pm 到4pm之間
Chino Hills and Chino宅配時間在4:30pm 到 5:30pm之間。


Why Choose Organic?

Why choose organic?

1 耐放。各位有沒有以下經驗,各樣蔬果從巿場買回放入冰箱沒幾天,拿出來幾乎都爛了。而有機蔬果至少可在你的冰箱存活5天,拿出依然新鮮。

#1) Long Lasting-  Do you ever buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables from the market and a few days later, you take them out from the refrigerator and they’re rotten already?! Organic fruits and vegetables remain fresh and  can survive in your refrigerator for at least 5 days.

2 耐吃。再來,你有沒有站在廚房許久,挑挑撿撿後,能吃的部份不多。原本從超市一大袋買回來,可是炒出來的確是一半。而有機蔬菜你一大包買回家,至少90%以上你都可以吃,這已經是給那吃東西很挑的人所作的調查。

#2) More to eat – Do you ever spend hours in the kitchen, washing and prepping the vegetables only to realize, there’s not much that’s actually edible???. You bought a whole bag, but only half was edible. When you buy organic vegetables, at least 90% more that is edible.

3 原味。各位在家烹調各式食物的時候,有沒有發現除了調味道的味道之外,你吃不到蔬菜本身的味道。但有機的不同,下次嘗試不放調味料,看你可否聞出,嚐出蔬菜它本身的”甜"味。

#3) Original flavor- When you cook a variety of foods at home, have you found that you don’t actually taste of the vegetable itself. With organic vegetables, even without any spices, you can smell and taste how the vegetables were meant to taste.

4 環保。有機就是回歸自然。減少化學,減少垃圾,減少污染。自然大地健康,人就健康。

#4) Environmental protection – Organic is returning to nature. Low carbon-footprint, elimination of chemicals, reduction of waste, reduction of pollution. Our earth becomes healthy and then humans become healthier.

5 省錢。看似買很貴。但結合以上價值,其實是省到又保健。想想雖然在超市以低價買回,但能吃的不多,剩的營養價值不多。您所花的錢也就隨那挑挑撿撿而沒有了。

#5) Save money-  It may seem expensive but when you think about all the combined benefits, what is your health and the environment worth to you?


If you like what you read, you are welcome to visit the Greenshower Organic Farm to experience “organic” . We  will be happy to treat you some your favorite vegetables so you can experience the benefits of “Organic”.